So IJ is down meaning my plans to meet my activity check have failed. I blame myself for not keeping up with it. I’ll keep my hopes up that it will return but to actually get the check done in time? It seems unlikely. I also blame timezones, what the hell timezones? *sigh*

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My New Tinkerbell RP Blog

Can be found here:

Check it out!

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Welcome to the lost boys network: a multifandom network for 
everyone who've sold their souls to way too many shows for
their own good.

must be following Peter and Felix

reblog this post, likes dont count

must be a fandom blog but all fandoms and multifandom are welcome

have your ask/submit boxes open

if you get accepted, you must follow everyone in the network and put a link to the members page somewhere on the main page of your blog


clean and clear theme

quality posts

organized tag/navi pages, if you have any

you have to be kind to your followers because we don’t want any rude people in our network


friends! followers!

a place on our networks page!

promo when accepted!

people to talk to about the horrors of multifandom blogging!

eternal life time supply of zero parents and all fun all the time!


this post must reach 50 notes

we will announce the first 5 members on December 29th

5 members will be chosen each Sunday until we reach a good number

despite the name we will be accepting people of all genders

track the tag ‘lostboysnet’ for updates

once accepted, we will message you for a short description, an image, your name, and your email address

Another one, what I like about this one is that he reaches out to stop her with his hook :)

Things I ship: This. I love this.

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